Feeding Your Head: Movies To Watch In An Altered State Of Mind

It’s that time of year again, brah. If you’re looking for a good stoner movie to watch while you become one with your couch and have already done Half Baked and Pineapple Express to death, do us a favor and expand your horizons.

So grab your best friend, get couch ready and try out these movies the next time you light up. Click more for the list.

The Science of Sleep (AKA La Science Des Reves)Gael Garcia Bernal stars as a young man whose rich dreams and fantasies interfere with his ability to function at his crappy job or successfully pursue a romantic relationship.  Just like us!  It’s in French, but if you’re too lazy to read the subtitles just staring at the screen should be enjoyable enough; this film is incredibly visually appealing.  Plus there’s a scene in which a bunch of people dress up like kitty cats and perform a loose interpretation of [lastfm]The Velvet Underground[/lastfm]’s “After Hours.” Good Times.

The Room – The Room was written, directed, and produced by its “star,” some guy named Tommy Wiseau. Wiseau claims that the film is a black comedy, but the cast says otherwise.  This movie has been dubbed the Citizen Kane of bad movies, and is definitely worth watching baked. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry (tears of laughter). You’ll question whether or not it’s even real.  Then you’ll watch it again.

The Dark Crystal – Everybody has probably already seen the 1982 Jim Henson movie, so it really doesn’t matter how little attention you’re able to devote to the movie. This movie will bring you back to the good old days without totally sucking and making you re-evaluate your entire childhood (i.e. Willow, Big Trouble in Little China, and those stupid Lord of the Rings cartoons).  Additionally, the special effects hold up surprisingly well considering that this movie was made before anybody knew what the internet was.  Watch this movie in an altered state of mind and notice for the first time that Augra looks just like your boss.

They Live – The John Carpenter horror/sci-fi/dark comedy might be the absolute perfect movie to watch while high. It pretty much has everything.  Shanty towns, conspiracies, magical sunglasses, aliens, and one of the most epic fight scenes of all time. Did we mention that it stars “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who it turns out may be some sort of semantic genius, ad-libbing such gems as “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Birdemic – Perhaps the true sleeper hit of 2010, Birdemic has a message for you.  What that message is we’re not quite sure, but for a movie where birds are the threat, they don’t even show up till more than half way through the film.  Plus, the sub-par CG makes this movie instantaneously hilarious, even if you’re sober.

-Written by Erin Stevens

What are some of YOUR favorite movies to watch while chiefing?

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