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LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness

post kbfoolishness2 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

11:15 PM

So the night is over, the crowds have dispersed (well everywhere except backstage at least) and everyone seemed to have had a great time. The party will continue to rage (as you can see in the video after the jump) and the comedians will be out mingling with all the “fancy pants” VIP ticket holders for a while longer.

If you couldn’t make it tonight, you missed out on a QUALITY comedy show with some of the industry’s best. It’s only been 15 minutes since the show ended and I already can’t wait for next year.

From all of us at KROQ, thanks for joining us and hope to see you at next year’s April Foolishness.

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10:40 PM

kb rogan 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Our final performer, Joe Rogan, just took the stage!

He mentions that he goes to bed early when he has gigs in Vegas. Hitting up the Spearmint Rhino at 9:30 AM on a Thursday  morning is bound to be less crowded than a weekend night right?… Wrong. The place is packed! After a good amount of discussing oral shenanigans, and a roar of laughs from the crowd as he makes some genital grabbing gestures, he calls it a night.

10:13 PM

jeffreyross 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Jeffrey Ross comes out in full roast mode, taking a stab at “the two Mexican guys” that introduced him (DJ Omar Khan and Dave the King of Mexico), stating that they’re Cheech and Chong’s nephews.

Audience members have been called onstage and Jeff’s roasting them one by one. (It’s really tough to blog about this one because you can’t see the people he called up onstage, but there were a few guys that had a bit too much already, and a couple of petite little blonde girls.) He likened some of them to ousted Jackass members.

Some girl in the audience shouted “show us your ass!” Jeff immediately undid his pants, turned around and gave us a shot of his bare ass. We’ve now all gotten our money’s worth!

9:55 PM

Miss DD-cember and Psycho Mike bringing out the next guest…

dd psychomike 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Bringing some estrogen to the show is Sarah Silverman!

silverman 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

She remembers showering with her mother at 3 years old. Her mom would get the water from the shower head, but Sarah got the water from her mom. Her mom’s boobs were her shower head. Classy!

She talks about her existence beginning as a speck in her father’s b*lls, and eventually exploding out of his “p*nis hole.”

She continues by talking about kids, and the need to adopt a mentally challenged child with a terminal illness. What kind of people adopt a mentally challenged child with a terminal illness? Amazing people!

9:45 PM

azizansari 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

AZIZ ANSARI just took the stage! This is who I was most looking forward to all night. Even though he left his DJ and his Raaaaandy jokes at home, this guy knows how to get people rolling!

Wasting time on the internet, Joe Pesci, and the top 10 “Oh sh*t” moments are just some of the topics this funny-man covered.

Last time Aziz was at the Gibson, he was here to see R. Kelly, who played a video where he looked for his echo. Yep… he uses an echo effect in some of his music, apparently that echo was missing and he needed the audience to help him find it. What???

9:15 PM

billbuhr 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Bill Burr takes the stage and has the crowd immediately laughing their asses off.

While Bill appreciate all the things stay-at-home moms do, any job that can be done in pajamas is not a job! He’s now talking about big dogs versus little dogs. Everyone needs to own a pitbull. They give you “street cred.” People move out of the way for you! Little dogs can easily be flicked out of the way. (As a proud pitbull owner, I totally agree!)

8:57 PM

Mohr did a movie with Christopher Walken and asked him a question: Would you rather fly? Or would you rather have a tail? He felt like a dumbass, but Walken liked the question and answered “tail,” because “he could play with it.” (How’s that working out for you Stryker?)

Next topic? Mohr’s best acid trip. He and a buddy were outside looking up at the stars at night and his buddy, Marty said, “It looks like we’re in a jar and someone punched holes in the top so we can breathe.”

Mohr closed out by talking about a night out with Tracy Morgan. The $4000+ bill was brought out by the server and placed in front of Jay. Apparently the server thought that he was Tracy’s manager, and was gonna pay the bill. Tracy found this to be racist! The Tracy Morgan impression from Jay was great! The shirt came off, arms were swinging, and the voice impression was spot on. Well done Mr. Mohr!

8:47 PM

jaymohr 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Jay Mohr has taken the stage and is ranting about bands getting political. [lastfm]Eddie Vedder[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Rage Against the Machine[/lastfm] are mentioned. Jay is too scared to follow in their “f* the government” remarks. He thinks he’ll get audited.  He has NO hesitation in ripping on the “wrist fat” of the actress from the movie Precious though.

8:43 PM

adamcarolla 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Carolla finishes up by stating that bunnies are the greatest animals to clean up after, and that they can even crap on the run! Can you imagine how useful that would be if you were trying to get away from someone? No one would actually want to follow you!  *gross*

8:35 PM

Adam Carolla is doing a live “This Week in Rage”. First up? Why was Jesus in such a rush to rise from the dead? If it were Carolla, he would have taken a longer vacation than 3 days! Also, when did Easter turn into Christmas? He resents not getting good Easter gifts as a kid. He apparently LOVES the Reese’s peanut butter eggs!

8:30 PM

kimmel 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Kimmel is onstage, new iPad in hand to read lyrics on, and singing with Cleto and the Cletones. What about? He’s mixing in some of Mo’Nique’s awards acceptance speeches. It’s nice to see the “opening act” cover other people’s material.

8:20 PM

Jimmy Kimmel, along w/Cleto and the Cletones, are now backstage and the crew is getting his mic ready. On the screen inside the Gibson, a video of [lastfm]Tenacious D[/lastfm] is rolling. They’re singing a “sorry we couldn’t be there to save the children” song.

7:55 PM

Can you find Jimmy and Kevin?

backstage 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness is about to get going in just a few minutes. Everyone’s getting settled into place, people are taking their seats after getting a last minute drink, the crew is backstage shoveling a little bit more food in their mouths, and the comedians are warming up to make us laugh til we vomit. Despite all the concerts I’ve seen, this will be my first comedy show! With a lineup as good as this one, I fear that all others will pale in comparison.

6:00 PM

gibson front 385x240 LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

foolishness emptystage 385x LIVE BLOG: Kevin & Beans April Foolishness

Things are pretty quiet here at Gibson as the staff and crew scramble with last-minute preparations for the show. The setup looks incredible in here and I can already tell tonight is going to be epic. I see Bean wandering around the empty venue, taking it all in. Wonder must be going through his head right about now…

Will the second annual Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness be as much of a success as last years? Guess we’ll find out in about T-minus 2 hours!

This live blog is brought to you by Cody Black and Casey Oliver.

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One Comment

  1. Mr. Mike says:

    Can’t wait, gonna be G ( . ) ( . ) D!!!

  2. Mickey says:

    So excited. This is going to be GREAT

  3. mike says:

    anyone know set times ?

  4. Debra Lola says:

    I will be leaving the OC in an hour and CAN NOT WAIT to see the show!!!

    I want to go back stage and be drunk like you : ‘ 0

    1. Christie says:

      It’s “OC.” No need for “the.” Unless you are on the set of the TV show.
      It’s as displeasing as when people say “Cali” … you are instantly recognized as an outsider.
      Have a great time at the show, and designate a driver.

  5. JH says:

    Jeffrey Ross is messed up making fun of the Security person!!

  6. michele says:

    The show was effin awesome!!! Can’t wait for next year!

  7. Steven says:

    Had a great time last night, see you again next year!

  8. Shraddha says:

    I know this is the wrong place to write,but… this is the worst web page of any radio station ever…I can’t find any contact info….no advertising info., nothing…how do I get a Public Service Announcement for a patriotic event on KROQ???

    1. Lightning | Writer, Video, On-Air says:

      Well, there are mulitple Contact Us links on the site including the one under the Follow Us on the left hand navigation bar. Look for the More KROQ navigation bar on the left side of the home page. Under that you’ll see Facebook, Twtter etc…

  9. iPod rip says:

    I thank for the help in this question, now I will know.

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