rodney kristen Rodney on the Roq 3/22/10

Rodney on the Roq & Kristen Stewart at The Runaways premiere

Rodney on the ROQ Playlist March 22, 2010

[lastfm]Codeine Velvet Club[/lastfm]- Hollywood

[lastfm]Metric[/lastfm]- Gimme Sympathy

[lastfm]Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social[/lastfm]- Burning the Bowery

[lastfm]The Hot Rats[/lastfm]- I Can’t Stand It

[lastfm]Iggy and the Stooges[/lastfm]- Search and Destroy

[lastfm]The Runaways[/lastfm]- Hollywood

[lastfm]Dum Dum Girls[/lastfm]- Jail La La

[lastfm]The Raveonettes[/lastfm]- Bang

[lastfm]Radagun[/lastfm]- Check Me out

[lastfm]The Dollyrots[/lastfm]- Dumb

[lastfm]The Runaways[/lastfm]- Dead End Justice

[lastfm]Hurricane Bells[/lastfm]- This is a Test

[lastfm]Nick Heyward[/lastfm]- Kite

[lastfm]The Pondhawks[/lastfm]- Weather Girl

[lastfm]Stars of Track and Field[/lastfm]- Racing Lights

[lastfm]Liars[/lastfm]- Overachievers

[lastfm]The Runaways[/lastfm]- Secrets

[lastfm]Ruby Friedman Orchestra[/lastfm]- Burning Skies

[lastfm]Rebel Heart[/lastfm]- Tonite

[lastfm]The Dark Shadows[/lastfm]- Time to Fight Back

[lastfm]Suzi Quatro[/lastfm]- Glycerine Queen

[lastfm]The Runaways[/lastfm]- I like playing with fire

[lastfm]The Moog[/lastfm]- Your Sweet Neck

[lastfm]Hungry Kids of Hungary[/lastfm]- Two Stones

[lastfm]The Moog[/lastfm]- You Raised a Vampire

[lastfm]Hungry Kids of Hungary[/lastfm]- Scattered Diamonds

[lastfm]Kate Miller Heidke[/lastfm]- Caught in a Crowd

[lastfm]Metric[/lastfm]- Come Back baby

[lastfm]Radagun[/lastfm]- It Never Ends

[lastfm]Sons & Daughters[/lastfm]- Gilt Complex

[lastfm]The Ropes[/lastfm]- Cry to the Beat

[lastfm]The Runaways[/lastfm]- Rock and Roll

[lastfm]The Pondhawks[/lastfm]- Your Mind is Hard to Find

[lastfm]Lawrence Arabia[/lastfm]- Beautiful Young Crew

[lastfm]The Cribs[/lastfm]- Cheat on Me

[lastfm]The Violet May[/lastfm]- Bright are Better

[lastfm]The Runaways[/lastfm]- California Paradise

[lastfm]Metric[/lastfm]- Front Row

[lastfm]V.V. Brown[/lastfm]- Shark in the Water

[lastfm]The Hussies[/lastfm]- Aftershave

[lastfm]Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social[/lastfm]- Burning the Bowery

Comments (5)
  1. punisher jose says:

    u look funny rodney. lol

  2. Paul Perez says:

    Please help a few underdogs like Death to the Mckenzies get some radio play on KROQ. Request “A storm is coming” or “suicide note” at Thanks!

  3. Sufia says:

    this is awesome.

  4. Robert gray says:

    cuss me but what was that Jaaican song that just came on at about 3:50 pm It rocks and u do too and I meant to type Jamaican

  5. Alan Severa says:

    Hi Rodney! Nena just celebrated her 50th birthday with a TV show in Germany, including a comment from you about “99 Luftballons”. It would be great if you could add to the celebrations by playing a Nena song on your show, something like “Schön, Schön, Schön” from her new album or whatever else you might like! Her first US live shows are also coming up later this year!

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