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Millions Dead Due To Daylight Savings

cool arse clock Millions Dead Due To Daylight Savings

Crack KROQ reporters have discovered (but thus far failed to give any evidence or proof) that millions of innocent people die every single year due to the bi-curious-annual-time-change-deal-thing.

Crack (addicted) reporters from other stations are claiming that KROQ reporters are simply too lazy to get up an hour early and get irritated when their dogs wanna be fed an hour early when we ‘fall back’ later in the year, but they’re all dumb asses and totally wrong.

What think ye?  Do you hate this stupid time change that Ben Franklin said we had to do or America would slide into the ocean?  After the jump, your opinion via another lame ass poll.


One Comment

  1. Scotty says:

    Sluggo! You’re Stoney. o.O What do you think about this Homer Simpson conspiracy theory…What if Ben Franklin secretly ployed the Time Change so that it would give the millions of hopeless souls in existance on earth a reason to look forward to something in order to stay controlled by the mechanics of day to day working amongst society… “He is Mr. X, Ha!” -Edna. I honestly couldn’t care less about time change but if it helps other people along their trippin’ lives, whatevers man…pass me another bowl dude!

    1. Sluggo says:

      Right on all counts, Scotty. Now beam this bowl up man.

  2. bean says:

    Dammit, Sluggo, it’s Daylight Saving! Saving! Not SavingS! Get it right. And get a haircut. 🙂

    1. Sluggo says:

      Save THIS!

      Sorry dear Bean, I was distracted by the mega* we have now – shining so brightly – being so cool – wow…overwhelmed by the STAR power.

      Hey, is your friend Kevin OK? He was on about some top 40 $tar here on the site today…

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