3/2/10 8:24 am PST
Shaun White Interview

Bean: First of all, on behalf of a grateful nation, congratulations. I don’t know you but the impression that I got Shaun was that there was never any doubt in your mind that you were going to come back with gold. That was pretty much a foregone conclusion that you were going to win that thing right?

Kevin: Is that extra pressure though because anything else kinda would have been looked at as you kinda faltering.

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Shaun: You’re standing up there are you’re like alright, this day I have been thinking about and dreaming about and picturing in my mind was 10 mins away, I mean I actually happened to drop in at this point and deliver. I remember gettin’ a little nervous, but it’s not nervousness it’s like mixed with excitement and anxiousness, you just want to get it over with. The only comfort I had is knowing that it was all going to be over within an hour and there was nothing I could do about it. But it was great man, everybody wanted me to win like the Canadian team. You know you are running around Canada, and they are pretty patriotic and they’re like, “Ughh, I’m Canadian but I still want you to win.” I just used it as a way to motivate myself to actually do it.

Minutes later…

Kevin: Speaking of the younger crowd, the thing that happened with Scotty Lago and the pictures and everybody said he got kicked out The really angered me, if you want youth and you want people to come out and watch the Olympics that didn’t used to, understand that snowboarders are cool and if they want to party after their event, great. Do you know much about it from your side?

Shaun: A little bit I mean, the thing about this one is, I was so excited getting my medal and all this stuff I was on the podium and I did a little air guitar, because I can actually play the Anthem on guitar. I remember sitting there and I got some heat for it. Like He wasn’t respecting the podium and the flag raising and this and that. People just kinda put a microscope on[pullquote quote=”I understand what happened with Scotty”] it and stuff you do. My dad said the funniest thing, he said, “All the cool people in the world are just, they’re dead.” People analyze things so much. In a way I understand what happened with Scotty, he was just enjoying himself and I just felt bad because there was nobody their watching for him.

Kevin: It’s a shame that somebody has to be there watching for him is what I’m saying. If I won a gold medal and my Olympic time is done, that’s the least of what I am doing.

scotty lago crotch EXCLUSIVE: Shaun White On His Gold Medal And Scotty Lagos Blunder

Scotty Lago receives a little too much praise from a fan.

Watch Shaun White pull a double 360!

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