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12 Million Curling Fans Can’t Be Wrong…

….or can they?

i curl canada shirt 12 Million Curling Fans Cant Be Wrong...

Wow, do we have a cavalcade of curling stuff for you today! All sorts of curling news, photos, hats and apps straight ahead. No kidding. Click more to be as confused as Kevin & Bean are about the world’s most mysterious “sport.”

Drink if you must to get through it.

pregnantcurlers 12 Million Curling Fans Cant Be Wrong...

First, the world’s most famous Olympic curler. Not because she’s won anything yet, but because she is 30 years old and SIX MONTHS PREGNANT! Click here to read all about the knocked-up pride of Canada.

danishcurling 12 Million Curling Fans Cant Be Wrong...

Maybe the second most famous Olympic curler this week is Denmark’s Madeleine Dupont. She blew two crucial shots (are they even called shots in curling? Who knows?) late in the game (match?) against Canada and helped her team lose. What happened next is what caught the world’s attention ever so briefly. She blamed hecklers in the crowd and then cried. THERE’S NO CRYING IN CURLING! Read the story here.

curlingapp 12 Million Curling Fans Cant Be Wrong...

If the twenty hours a day curling can be watched on CNBC is not enough for you and you require up-to-the-second updates of all things curling, this iPhone app is for you. Shot tracking! Hammer efficiency! Check it here.

Tired yet? Bored? But wait, there’s more.

curling hats 3 2 12 Million Curling Fans Cant Be Wrong...

Let me just go ahead and quote from, uh, Curling “Finally. A hat for curling fans. Our hats are soft like marshmallows, and attractive as all get out. I suppose I should stop there, because I doubt a sentence could get any sexier than that. Of course you’re going to buy one now…” So, your prayers have been answered, right? And that’s also the site that claims twelve million curling fans, if you were wondering if I was high.

And finally, I know the US Curling team is terrible. Have we even won a game? I’m rooting for them anyway. How can you not after seeing this group picture?

curlingteam 12 Million Curling Fans Cant Be Wrong...



One Comment

  1. doorofhorn says:

    I think curling would be tons of fun if you have a fair amount of drinks in your system. It would really add to the challenge of not falling face first in the ice as well as adding to the hilarity that this “sport” involves cleaning instruments.

  2. Vinnie says:

    After years of listening to K&B b!tch about curling, I sat down and invested well over 4 minutes of my time to see what this was all about. It’s every bit as bad as you’ve heard. Maybe more. They even have time-outs! What the…?
    I may purchase a curling stone, so that if I ever meet the head of the Olympic Committee, or the head of NBC’s Olympic programming, I can drop it on their toes and tell them to go sweep the blood.

  3. jose says:

    wat the hell is curling…

  4. the dude says:

    even though curling is boring the chicks are pretty hott!

  5. lungman says:

    we recreational hockey players up here in Canada can’t stand they guys on the team who miss games because they have to go curling with their wives/ol ladies, leaving the hockey team short players.
    the old saying is ” do you curl?” if they answer yes, the reply is “curl your lips around this!” pointing down there…

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