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Superhero Movies That Shouldn’t Have Been Made

 steel shaq Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

We live in a world where the “comic book superhero” is king. Everywhere you turn a comic book chartacter is getting the big-budget, A-list treatment and heading towards a cineplex near you. 
GREEN LANTERN, THOR, DEADPOOL and GREEN HORNET are just some of the upcoming projects featuring top-notch talent in front of, and behind the camera.  Not to mention sequels featuring IRON MAN and others that we’ll all be seeing soon.
However, this has not always been the case… Sadly, comic book heroes used to be on the bottom of the Hollywood food chain and it showed.  Some of our greatest comic stars have gotten brutalized in crap-tastic movie and TV versions of their adventures. 
Can you guess the worst offenders? Click more for my list. 

fantastic four 1994 Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

1) FANTASTIC FOUR – Not the big budget Fox version with Jessica Alba, although that certainly wasn’t great. In 1994, Roger Corman (the legendary low-budget schlock king) released a FF movie that was made for 1 million dollars, but looked A LOT cheaper. The only thing worse than the FX was the acting … oh, and the script.

Watch the trailer here.
captain america 1990 Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

2) CAPTAIN AMERICA – Poor Marvel Comics … The seem to have gotten the worst of the Hollywood beatdowns. This little seen version of “Cap” was supposed to be released in 1990, but was so bad it never reached theatres.

Watch the trailer here.

nick fury movie Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

3) NICK FURY: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – Remember Samuel L.Jackson as an eye-patched “Nick Fury” at the end of IRON MAN? Think that was his first film apprearance?  Wrong! Once again, Marvel takes it in the cinematic shorts in this 1998 TV movie starring David Hasselhoff as Nick!!!  That’s right. “The Hoff”. Wow.

Watch the trailer here.
steel shaq Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

4) STEEL – Finally, DC Comics gets roughed up, too. Shaquille O’Neal (yes, that Shaquille O’Neal) stars as STEEL, Superman’s buddy, who fights crime in a super-powered suit of armor. This 1997 movie was released way before IRON MAN, and showed them how to do it right … by doing everything the opposite of STEEL.

Watch the trailer here.
howard the duck Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

5) HOWARD THE DUCK – Sorry, Marvel … you’re up again.  Not only one of the worst comic book movies ever, but largely considered one of the biggest movie flops … period.

Watch the trailer here.
supergirl movie Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

6) SUPERGIRL – Although Helen Slater looks WAY hot in her Supergirl costume in this 1984 Superman spin-off, that’s not nearly enough to make this bomb worth watching.

Watch the trailer here.
cat woman movie Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

7) CATWOMAN – Speaking of looking hot in a horrible, horrible movie. Halle Berry as Catowman.  Enough said.

Watch the trailer here.
elektra movie1 Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

8 ) ELEKTRA – In keeping with the “very hot chick/very bad movie” theme … I love Jennifer Garner, but she stars in this hideous 2005 spin-off of DAREDEVIL, which starred her future husband, Ben Affleck … oh, and his movie sucked, too.

Watch the trailer here.
daredevil movie Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

9) DAREDEVIL – See above.

Watch the trailer here.

batman and robin movie Superhero Movies That Shouldnt Have Been Made

10) BATMAN AND ROBIN – Poor George Clooney. He should’ve been a great Batman, but sadly, fruity director Joel Schumacher was too preoccupied with putting nipples on the Bat-suit to worry about things like the script.

Watch the trailer here.


One Comment

  1. Amanda Hugenkiss says:

    Wasn’t Howard the Duck a huge flop as well for George Lucus? Don’t forget the first Punisher and the third Punisher movie. Both sucked ass. The second one with Thomas Jane was badass.

  2. Fernando says:

    What about the piece of crap HULK movie in 2003 from director Ang Lee? I’m sure that was worse than Elektra, at least Jennifer Garner looked hot in those tigh pants. Jessica Alba and Halle Berry also looked so damn hot. Lotion and towl please. You know what I’m saying.

    Please tell Bean to shut up Laquisha style.

  3. The Punisher says:

    I think I’m in love with Amanda.

    1. Amanda Hugenkiss says:

      Just call me Frank Castle

  4. Erik says:

    hey at least Howard get’s some!

  5. Viol8tor says:

    Good list Ralph, but i agree that the 2003 Hulk should be on here as well.

    ….And the 3rd spiderman movie.

  6. golfingIsPointLess says:

    was it just me or did that trailer for batman look good,
    I JUST wasted alot of time watching each one, thanks…
    I really really want to see F4 com on lets all get high and enjoy that piece….

  7. golfingIsPointLess says:

    i thought you were dead!
    i was, im okay now, lmfao!!!!

  8. Chris says:

    Spider-Man 3 definitely belongs on this list. The retcon of Uncle Ben’s death made me ill. Since when do they retcon movies that were made 5 years earlier???

  9. Gil Garcia says:

    I agree with this list however, X-Men Origins was HORRIBLE! I hope to god they dont go through with Deadpool after what they did to him in that eye screwing. btw, what was Wolverine’s point of being in Weapon X? Just to get adamantium bones and then ditch? WEAK!

  10. diego says:

    at least with the hoff they got the color right

  11. Jose says:

    What about Billy Zane and The Phantom?

  12. Brett says:

    I disagree with the inclusion of “Daredevil.” I agree with the others that Ang Lee’s “Hulk” was a failure. And Ralph will never admit to the fact that one of the worst comic book movies of all time was the 1966 feature film of “Batman” that spun out from the TV series.

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