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LaDainian Tomlinson Of The San Diego Chargers Is A Hall Of Fame Dumb Ass

dumb ass hall of fame LaDainian Tomlinson Of The San Diego Chargers Is A Hall Of Fame Dumb Ass

When I’m running things there will be a “Dumb-Ass Hall of Fame” for athletes.

We could start it with a few of the dumbest. And now we’ve got a new edition, Ladainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers. (If you haven’t seen the best/worst music video ever done by an athlete, click on the read More button at the bottom right of this post. But first some automatic entries  in the Dumb-Ass Hall of Fame.

We could start it with automatic entries into the Hall of Fame: Michael Vick, at the time the highest paid player in the NFL. Dumb-ass threw it all away on animal cruelty. Originally tried to blame it on his nephew. Classy. Went to prison for a couple of years.

michael vick chased by dog 385 LaDainian Tomlinson Of The San Diego Chargers Is A Hall Of Fame Dumb Ass

Now he’s in the only place worse than prison. Philadelphia.

fp 1116303 barm puppy purse2 09 0219082 LaDainian Tomlinson Of The San Diego Chargers Is A Hall Of Fame Dumb Ass

Then there’s the former all-pro receiver for the New York Giants, Plaxico Burress. Brought a loaded gun with him to a nightclub, in the waist band of his sweat pants. What could go wrong with that? The gun went off and he shot HIMSELF in the leg. Then he went to prison. For shooting himself in the leg.

plaxico burress ny newspaper LaDainian Tomlinson Of The San Diego Chargers Is A Hall Of Fame Dumb Ass

And of course O.J. Simpson, after killing two people and getting away with it, goes to a casino in Las Vegas where is a camera or two with a gun to kidnap and rob a dude that had a few of his items. Went to jail for that. Killing 2 people? No problem. Kidnapping a robbing with a weapon. Jail. Here’s the headline: OJ Simpson and his golf buddies ‘burst into casino like commandos‘  Come on! What an insult to “commandos”. His golf buddies? That’s thug life.

oj headshot LaDainian Tomlinson Of The San Diego Chargers Is A Hall Of Fame Dumb Ass And then,of course, there’s King Dumb Ass: tiger woods11 LaDainian Tomlinson Of The San Diego Chargers Is A Hall Of Fame Dumb AssMaybe use that muscle to delete your texts.

And that brings us to a special wing in the “Dumb-Ass Hall of Fame”. When amazing athletes think they can sing. And worse, sing, or rap, and make a video for it. In this case, the San Diego Charger’s LaDainian Tomlinson, depending on which story you read, made the gayest, most low rent, incredibly stupid song/video for a Nike Commercial a couple of years ago. They never aired it, I’m guessing because it would have stopped all Nike shoe buying completely. But now it’s leaked. By Nike? Probably.

And now with the Chargers losing their playoff game against the New York Jets, L.T. is left with only the worst video ever made by an athlete.


One Comment

  1. Mark says:

    kevin youre a funny dude but seriously youre the dumbass. its a joke

  2. Justin says:

    You can’t compare felonies to making a lame music video. And yeah it was a joke. LT is the man. OJ, Vick, and Plax are all chumps… and the chargers are playing the new york JETS. so who’s the real dumbass here?

  3. B cuz Im Awesome says:

    proof read next time: New York Jets not “New York Giants” and what about Kobe Bryant with that whole court scandal with that chick from Colorado?

  4. Wait a minute says:

    It’s interesting that they’re all black athletes in the Dumb-Ass Hall of Fame

  5. Marko says:

    Yeah, it’s suppose to be a joke, pretty ridiculous

  6. Rog says:

    “Dumb-ass *through* it all away on animal cruelty.” Misspelled threw, dumbass. =-)

  7. Steve says:

    He made it with Tim & Eric. It’s clearly a joke. Nike probably didn’t think it would work as a straight up commercial so it got shelved. Lots of stuff gets made and never shown.

    It’s totally hilarious and awesome.

    Also: “Dumb-ass through it all away on animal cruelty.” It should be threw it all away.

  8. Alex says:

    Kevin should never be running things…if he were commissioner of the NFL, the draft would go something like this: “With first…draft pick…the rams take, that guy, long time him”

  9. Robert says:

    This post is complete bullshit. LT is one of the greatest NFL athlets to ever play the game. This video was recorded 4 years ago for a joke Nike commercial. give me a break and take back your un educated title of the post

  10. kabir says:

    awesome irony — in the same sentence you call vick a “dumb-ass”, you go on to say he “through it all away.”

    who’s the dumb-ass now?

  11. U. D. Mann says:

    I don’t even want to know where the “waste” band of a pair of sweat pants are. I would guess in the back?

    1. spellergenious says:

      hey all spell check fans-
      he’s on the f’ing radio-not grading your papers. shut it.

  12. Tony says:

    Kevin, don’t listen to these guys, we all know your disability keeps you from knowing whats real and whats not.

  13. Toby says:

    Ofcourse they are all black??????? Duh!!!!!!

  14. Brian says:

    I must agree, you really are the dumbass Kevin. LT is awesome to have the balls to make a video this funny and poke some fun at himself. Yeah, what’s up with no Kobe on this list or the Raider’s head coach?

  15. Rob says:

    LT’s video is suppose to be funny and cheesy. Dammit Kevin……

  16. Yuri says:

    “through it all away” — Big head, small brain…… too bad there’s no grammar check….

  17. adrian says:

    best video ever by an athlete!!!! hahahahaha

  18. esperanza says:

    I guess all the Chargers fans HAD to defend this idiocy. Man LA really needs a football team.

    Even if it’s a joke as these posters seem to claim, who would assent to participating in such a joke? An idiot would, that’s who and that’s LaDanian (there is only one “LT” and we know who he is).

    As for the “not in the same league as felonies” group. What do the felony examples of idiots above have to do with whether or not LaDanian’s video is gay and LaDanian is an idiot? Absolutely nothing.

    Finally, slamming someone for misspelling stuff on the internet is truly the WEAKEST rebuttal of all time ever, period. So FU Chargers – another 12 plus win season down the drain. And LaDanian, ah never mind.

  19. Jordan says:

    “click on the red More”
    red more? really? even a 5 year old could have proofread this shit better

  20. Rick says:

    Good Stuff, laughed at all of it.

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