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Top 20 KROQ Songs of 2002

top20of2002 Top 20 KROQ Songs of 2002
1.  The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl
2.  System Of A Down – Toxicity
3.  The Strokes – Last Night
4.  Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
5.  Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way
6.  System Of A Down – Aerials
7.  Eminem – Lose Yourself
8.  311 – Amber
9.  Puddle Of Mudd – Blurry
10.  P.O.D. – Youth Of The Nation
11.  The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So
12.  Nirvana – You Know You’re Right
13.  No Doubt – Underneath It All
14.  Queens Of The Stone Age – No One Knows
15.  The White Stripes – Dead Leaves On The Dirty Ground
16.  Foo Fighters – All My Life
17.  The Strokes – Hard To Explain
18.  Puddle Of Mudd – She Hates Me
19.  Jack Johnson – Flake
20.  Bad Religion – Sorrow


One Comment

  1. Tom says:

    just listened to #14…”No one Knows.” God that song rocks. It’s hard driving from beginning to end. Love it!

  2. InDa808 says:

    #13 Man I love listening to that song when im @ poipu beach 🙂

  3. og kush says:

    toxicity should be la primavera..

    sorrow should crack top 10

    the wstripes are dope tho

  4. Andrea says:

    #8 ❤

  5. marius says:

    This is horse shit. You Know You’re Right is not even in the top five! I demand a recount! I think I will just stop listening to kroq.

  6. JoustaRhymes says:

    The White Stripes r dope, but seriously?!?!?!?!? they beat out of of the most sickest and noticeable songs of all time, 311 – Amber(which were amazing at KROQ Almost Acoustic X-mas btw) and Foo Fighters and Bad Religion need to be in the top 5 easy!!

  7. Jared says:

    Nirvana dominated 2002 like it was 1992 and the band has been dead for nearly 10 years. I love you Kurt <3.

  8. smokeyanthony says:

    Hate to say I told you so!

    1. Bob says:

      There is no way in hell that the white stripe’s song was better than system of a down’s Toxicity. Not to mention toxicity is arguably one of the best songs that System of a Down ever made, along with Aerials and Chop Suey.

  9. jay jay says:

    the best year of the decade!!!!!!!!!!! putting system and POD aside.

  10. Bob says:

    System of a Down’s Toxicity owns White Stripes any day!

    1. anna says:

      fuck yea they do!

  11. robert says:

    a guest appearance by eminem lol

  12. Dar says:

    I first heard Amber in 2008 on KROQ. And I’ve listened to KROQ since 1999. I thought it was a new song too! Wish I would have discovered it sooner

  13. ffm20 says:

    the list of 2002 is one of the few where i only know 5 songs

    UNDERNEATH IT ALL a pop song by no doubt surprises me the most

  14. JB says:

    Jack Johnson sucks….. he’s a modern day Jimmy Buffet, no that’s not a good thing

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